­čÄž PODCAST | Zito Luvumbo tells his story

Rossobl├╣ World - 03/11/2023

Just over three years since his arrival in Sardinia, exponential growth both technically and as a person. Zito Luvumbo tells his story for the first time (CLICK HERE), making his voice heard on “Terzo Tempo,” the official Cagliari podcast, in the episode titled “Luvumbo Zito.”

And in dialogue with Zito, moving the threads of an extremely intimate meeting, there’s also Artificial Intelligence, for the first time engaging in a true “one-to-one” encounter with a protagonist on the field.

The beginnings in Angola, the visceral relationship with his father, the emotions of the first goals and feats in Serie B and Serie A with Cagliari, and many more pages to write together. A binding agent – the innovative and experimental one of Artificial Intelligence – which in the narrative journey has brought out the essence of a boy loved by all, a true symbol of Cagliari.


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