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Rossoblù World - 22/02/2024


Cagliari Calcio presents the new digital platforms that will allow fans to be further at the center of the rossoblù world: a new website, a new app, and a new e-commerce, for a passion that knows no boundaries and to experience the Cagliari world more and more as protagonists thanks to innovation and digitization, pivotal factors in the recent path undertaken by the club.

Begun in September with the online landing of the new e-commerce, which offers fans a unique and advanced experience thanks to a large selection of products, both Cagliari-branded and the result of exclusive partnerships with other brands, today also sees the arrival of the new website with a totally revamped look in terms of design and content accessibility, together with the new app that replaces the previous version.

The new layout of the website indicates a modern way forward in line with the best digital experiences in the entertainment world, combining visual impact with ease of navigation provided by clean lines and minimal character. A choice that matches the one made for the app, which in its user experience is reminiscent of the most popular social media and will allow fans a smart experience.

The Rossoblù fans will have access to exclusive content and will be able to follow the team in real time and actively. On-demand videos, available from now on directly on the website, making possible an integrated and preview vision, updated statistics, in-depth analysis, live reports and the possibility to interact with the Club and other fans in the new chats exclusively within the app.

The evolution of Cagliari Calcio’s digital platforms will develop further with new and important updates to be released in the coming months. These include MyCasteddu, the new SSO system for unique user recognition, which will ensure that users will have their own digital profile harboured by fully customised experiences.

A crucial role will also be played by partners, who will see an increase in commercial opportunities to promote their services and offers thanks to dedicated and interactive spaces capable of reaching and involving a broad spectrum of audiences on a daily basis, including Rossoblù supporters, insiders and football fans.

The project was conceived and developed in cooperation with two leading companies in the sector: for the realisation of the new website, Cagliari Calcio relied on AWD Agency, one of the most internationally awarded agencies in the Web and Digital sector, while the App was developed in close contact with Infront and its strategic partner Abilitya.

“The new digital ecosystem represents a further important step in the Club’s growth path. Today we are presenting an ambitious and structured work, which has engaged us for a long time and which has developed by integrating the priority needs of the fans, the synergic relationship with partners, and the prerogatives of all areas that make up the Cagliari Calcio world. Alongside what happens on the playing fields in our teams’ training sessions and matches, we work daily to get closer to our people through multiple initiatives and a philosophy that intends to involve and embrace every component, so as to strengthen and grow all together”.
Stefano Melis, Managing Director Business and Media Area

“In the Club’s continuous digitalisation path, the renewal of the website, the app and the introduction of new ways of purchasing and fan recognition represent a first big step towards a modern, secure and usable digital ecosystem that in its development always puts the fan’s final experience at the centre so that they, our partners and, more generally, all the Club’s stakeholders can be more and more involved and close to the rossoblù world”.
Corrado Pusceddu, Marketing Manager Cagliari Calcio

“The partnership with Cagliari Calcio and Infront with us at Abilitya is intended to show the potential that digital can have in a club’s relationship with fans and sponsors. The club actually creates new digital spaces of interaction that are connected to new trigger points for interactions between the team, fans and sponsors. The physical and digital worlds mix to give fans access to exclusive experiences.”
Raimondo Gissara – Co-Founder & Ceo di Abilitya

“A new digital experience that combines tradition, identity and innovation, placing a unique and special fanbase like Cagliari’s at the centre. For Awd Agency, this is an ambitious and innovative project, which we have tried to realise through a modern and appealing design, with a user-friendly interface that gives access to content organised in a clear, intuitive and engaging way. The experience and creativity of our entire team, together with the work of Cagliari Calcio, has given life to the club’s new online home, which stands as a point of reference in the Italian football web panorama for the red and blue community”.
Michi Del Rosso – Creative Director Awd Agency

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