Approved Financial Statement of 30/06/2023

Rossoblù World - 03/11/2023

The shareholders’ meeting of Cagliari Calcio, convened today in an ordinary assembly, has approved the financial statements as of June 30, 2023, which closed with a loss of €2,284,760.

Simultaneously, the Board of Directors has been re-elected, comprising the following members:

– Tommaso Giulini, President

– Fedele Usai, Vice President
– Carlo Catte, Managing Director
– Giangiacomo Ibba, Director
– Pasquale Lavanga, Director
– Alessandro Manunta, Director
– Stefano Signorelli, Director

A new addition to the board is Giangiacomo Ibba: 47 years old, born in Oristano, holding a degree in Business Economics from the University of Parma, and serving as the president of ABBI Group, a well-established Sardinian company operating in the field of large-scale distribution at the national level.

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