Aresti and Viola at ‘Michelangelo’ High School

Rossoblù World - 12 March 2024

Cagliari’s tour of school institutes continues: today, Simone Aresti and Nicolas Viola met the students of Cagliari’s Liceo scientifico ‘Michelangelo’. The two red and blue footballers answered questions and curiosity: the difficulties of succeeding in becoming a professional at the highest level, dreams realised, satisfactions on and off the field. Advice, encouragement and experiences.

The role of the family was fundamental, as Aresti recalled: ‘My parents made so many sacrifices, often having to move an hour away from Narcao, my home town, to train, it would not have been possible without their availability’. A passion for football and for Cagliari ‘transmitted by my uncle,’ Simone continues, ‘a faithful season ticket holder in the Curva Nord. Every Sunday we came to the stadium by car and on the way back we listened to all the interviews on the radio, he was certainly decisive in my path and in nourishing my passions,’ the red and blue goalkeeper’s comment, who then also spoke about his relationship with his teammates. “Lapadula? Having him next to you is wonderful, as an opponent he is a nightmare because he always knows how to put you in trouble. Pavoletti is our captain, my roommate, a special relationship. With Deiola we’ve known each other forever, he loves Cagliari viscerally and his attachment to the jersey is fundamental”.

Prodigal as always with important words also Nicolas Viola. “Dream big,” the red-blue fantasist told the young audience, “never give up, when you set yourself a goal it is fundamental to give everything to reach it, because this will bring personal growth, difficulties will come but you must be good at overcoming them. “The most beautiful goal? The next one. Here in Cagliari there is a magical atmosphere, you feel great and there are the ideal conditions to be a footballer and live your life with commitment but without hysteria, thanks to the people and a beautiful territory’. Honeyed words, from both of them, for coach Claudio Ranieri: “We have the good fortune to be able to work with a coach who has been at the top international level for so many years, thanks to his moral calibre and competence. Last season and this one we can see what he brings to us as a dowry and we all work together every day to achieve the goal we have set ourselves.

Closing as usual for group photos, selfies, autographs and a contagious collective embrace in the name of the strong passion for Cagliari.

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