Giants of Mont’e Prama in Rome

Rossoblù World - 01/12/2023

A new stage for the Giants of Mont’e Prama, as Cagliari travels to Rome to face Lazio on Saturday at 6 PM. The Capital hosts the Sardinian excellence, continuing its journey within the partnership between the red and blue club and the Mont’e Prama Foundation. This collaboration is in its second consecutive year and includes a communication campaign aimed at promoting culture at the highest levels, also through the world of sports.

The Giants land at MAXXI, the National Museum of the 21st Century Arts, in the “Graziella Lonardi Buontempo” hall. Alessandro Giuli, the president of the MAXXI Foundation, will host the event, with contributions from Anthony Muroni, president of the Mont’e Prama Foundation, Stefano Melis, Cagliari Calcio’s Director of Business and Media, and Bastianino Mossa, president of FASI, the Federation of Sardinian Associations in Italy, always attentive to promoting Sardinia’s cultural heritage.

“We return from the capital of the new world where we made known the cultural and archaeological heritage we represent, to arrive in the Italian capital, in one of the most prestigious museums dedicated to contemporary arts. Speaking about archaeology in a modern context like MAXXI is an important milestone for us because it allows us to effectively pursue the goal initiated through the communication campaign with Cagliari Calcio: telling the story of the millennia-old works of Sinis to an audience projected towards other interests,” said Anthony Muroni, president of the Mont’e Prama Foundation.

“Our commitment to enhancing the historical heritage of Sardinia, together with high-profile partners with a marked ability to make a significant contribution, is both exhilarating and a source of pride. When we signed the continuation of the partnership with the Mont’e Prama Foundation, especially with the arrival in Serie A, a step that represents the further growth of our joint journey, we strongly wanted to experience days like the upcoming one in Rome at MAXXI, and those that will follow, combined with the experiences of this season in Bergamo, Florence, and Turin. It will be wonderful once again to be together with culture, history, and the boundless passion of the Sardinians who will come, enthusiasts of the Giants and eager to then follow the match at the Olimpico,” stated Stefano Melis, Cagliari Calcio’s Director of Business & Media.

During the morning, archaeologist Giorgio Murru, Director of the scientific-educational area of the Mont’e Prama Foundation, will give an overview of prehistoric archaeology in Sardinia with the conference “Giants and Fates,” curated in collaboration with photographer Nicola Castangia. Following that, archaeologist Ilaria Orri will illustrate the Natural Archaeological Park of Sinis.

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