Giulini’s presidency turns 10

Rossoblù World - 19/06/2024

On 19 June 2014, Tommaso Giulini – after signing the documents at dawn on 11 June – officially became the president of Cagliari Calcio.

Exactly 10 years have passed since that day: a decade of work devoted to the improvement and development of the Club in every area. Already one of the longest-serving presidents in Cagliari’s more than 100-year history, eight seasons in the A league with two immediate promotions, he is currently the one who has led the red and blue club for the most years in the top division.

With Giulini, there has been a strong focus on and impulse for the growth of the youth sector since the beginning, also witnessed by the birth of specific projects such as the Cagliari Football Academy. A long and patient work of strengthening the nursery that has already begun to bear fruit in part: the Primavera rossoblù is now among the most important in the league and, above all, more and more boys are crowning their dream of playing in the first team.

Development of the brand at an international level, also with the aim of bringing the team closer to its many fans and sympathisers around the world; commitment to social issues, conducted in collaboration with partners such as the Carlo Enrico Giulini Foundation, which over time has led to projects – also rewarded abroad – such as the Curva Futura, the first sector of an Italian stadium entirely dedicated to children, where with the ‘Scuola di Tifo’ (School of Cheering) people are taught to cheer positively, always for their favourite team, never against their opponents.

Another key point, infrastructure: the Assemini sports centre, the CRAI Sport Center, considered by insiders to be one of the most beautiful and functional facilities in Italy, has undergone modernisation and expansion work in recent years, with the creation of new playing fields and a covered grandstand.

A crucial asset, the stadium: from the expansion of the capacity of the Sant’Elia stadium as a first step, in 2014, to allow the team to stay and play in Cagliari, to the creation in 2017 of the Sardegna Arena – today the Unipol Domus – built in record time, in just 127 days. But above all, there are concrete plans for the birth of a new stadium: a new, modern and avant-garde red-blue supporter’s home, capable of accommodating up to 30,000 spectators and major international events, a work that everyone is now hoping for.

Investment, perseverance, dreams to be realised together looking forward to the future of the club.

Ad maiora, Pres!

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