I Giganti di Mont’e Prama in Milan

Rossoblù World - 13/04/2024

A new stage in the joint journey of the Mont’e Prama Foundation and Cagliari Calcio together with the Federation of Sardinian Associations in Italy (FASI): the protagonist is Sardinia and Sinis, with the excellence represented by i Giganti, today ‘guests’ in Lombardy, at the Milan Triennale, in conjunction with the red and blue team’s away match against Inter Milan (Sunday at 8.45pm)

The Sinis Natural Archaeological Park thus lands in a new prestigious Italian museum, a new big city that hosts cultural, historical and archaeological conferences. After the MAXXI in Rome, the Uffizi in Florence, the Archaeological Museum in Aquileia, and the Egyptian Museum in Turin, the communication campaign continues. It will be followed up on Sunday morning in Carnate in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall with the collaboration of the Circolo dei Sardi ‘Raimondo Piras’.

The proceedings were opened by greetings from the President of the Mont’e Prama Foundation Anthony Muroni, who emphasised the importance of collaboration between the various actors involved this morning. “Among our goals is to make more and more people aware of the treasures that we have the duty and honour to enhance,” said Muroni. “We decided to hold a double date in Lombardy because many visitors come from this region who want to discover a different island, made up of archaeology, nature and food and wine, like the one we are presenting together with Cagliari Calcio around Italy”. “But we are here,” said the president of the Foundation, “because the presence and affection of the Sardinians is very strong and, thanks to FASI’s contribution, they become the first ambassadors in the telling of our archaeological heritage.

Cagliari Calcio president Tommaso Giulini spoke. “As a Club, we are proud to continue this wonderful journey together with the Mont’e Prama Foundation and alongside Sardinians all over the world who cherish their land and its many excellences, which make it unique and appreciated at every latitude. The emotions of the ride to immediately return to Serie A in 2023 – said Cagliari’s president – and those of this season in such a complex year, where the strength of the group, with the young and the more experienced, under the wise guidance of a leader like Claudio Ranieri are leading us towards the goal, still to be achieved, are enriched by the stages we are experiencing with the Giants, the splendour of the Sinis Peninsula as the pearl of Sardinia in the midst of the many unique areas and stories that Sardinia offers. The Triennale in Milan,’ the president continued, ‘is only the latest in order of time after Florence, Turin, Bergamo, Udine: I thank the president of the Mont’e Prama Foundation Anthony Muroni, all his collaborators, and the institutions that work together with us in this ambitious project that this year we have further integrated, involving the youngest so that Sinis and Sardinia will be promoted to the new generations. Football and sport in general are a very effective driver for spreading culture at all levels, first and foremost with social significance and value, which has always been our priority in every field in which we operate.

FASI President Bastianino Mossa: ‘In this long ride through the world of Sardinians outside Sardinia, the Giants of Mont’e Prama take us to the Milan Triennale, a place of cultural prestige, in a metropolis that together with the region of Lombardy represents the heart of Sardinian emigration. The 18 clubs present in this region make it the most populous (10 thousand FASI members) of our Federation’. ‘An opportunity,’ said Mossa, ‘to appreciate the lectures by Giorgio Murru, Ilaria Orri, and the images of Nicola Castangia. Thanks to the Foundation, we meet our Casteddu, our sporting passion, precisely on the anniversary of the victory of the legendary Scudetto of which another Giant, Gigi Riva, originally from this region, was the main architect. For us Sardinians, another opportunity to meet thanks to culture, sport and identity’.

During the morning, the archaeologist Giorgio Murru, Director of the scientific-educational area of the Mont’e Prama Foundation, presented an excursus on the prehistoric archaeology of Sardinia with the lecture ‘Giganti e Fate’, co-curated with the photographer Nicola Castangia. Next, archaeologist Ilaria Orri illustrated the Sinis Natural Archaeological Park.

On Sunday 14 April a new appointment, at 11 a.m., in the ‘Grazia Deledda’ Council Chamber in Carnate. The programme includes institutional greetings from mayor Rosella Maggiolini, culture councillor Mario Riva, Foundation president Anthony Muroni, Cagliari’s marketing manager Corrado Pusceddu, FASI president Bastianino Mossa, FASI’s Centro Nord manager Carlo Casula, and the president of the Sardinian Cultural Circle ‘Raimondo Piras Giomaria Casu. Giorgio Murru will then give a lecture entitled ‘Spirits and Gods in Prehistoric Sardinia’ with images by Nicola Castangia, while Ilaria Orri will talk about the Sinis Natural Archaeological Park. This was followed by the inauguration of the temporary photographic exhibition dedicated to Mont’e Prama and the history of the discovery of the statuary complex.

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