I Giganti di Mont’e Prama in Reggio Emilia

Rossoblù World - 18 May 2024

Final stage of the joint communication campaign for the 2023-2024 sports season of Cagliari Calcio and Fondazione Mont’e Prama: Chiostri di San Pietro, in Reggio Emilia, hosted this morning the two conferences on Sardinia’s archaeological heritage organized through the collaboration of the Federation of Sardinian Associations in Italy (FASI). The occasion is Cagliari’s trip to Reggio Emilia, where it will face Sassuolo on Sunday at 12:30 p.m. at the “Mapei Stadium” in the penultimate day of Serie A 2023-2024.

Positive results for the initiative from the president of the Foundation Anthony Muroni. “We close this second year of collaboration with Cagliari Calcio in another extraordinary monumental complex: the Chiostri di San Pietro. During the season we were guests at some of the most important places related to Italian culture: the Uffizi in Florence, La Triennale in Milan, MAXXI in Rome, and the museum in Aquileia. In these locations,” Muroni goes on to explain, ”we had the privilege of being able to talk about the Sinis Natural Archaeological Park in front of many people and to tell about a different and fascinating Sardinia. Thanks to the collaboration with Cagliari and FASI,” concluded the president of the Foundation, ”we were able to verify once again that the combination of sports and culture can prove successful in promoting our territory and its cultural heritage.

The proceedings, in Reggio Emilia, opened with a speech by Corrado Pusceddu, marketing manager of Cagliari Calcio. “With today’s stage, in such a prestigious context as this, we come to the end of a journey that has seen us join the Foundation in multiple stages around Italy, from north to south, sharing the goal of enhancing the Giants and more generally the historical heritage of our Island.” “It is a pleasure,” said Pusceddu again, “to be able to show these beauties to a wide audience: wherever we go, we are welcomed by numerous fans, enthusiasts and the curious, demonstrating how soccer can be a powerful means of promoting the territory and the Club’s attractiveness: being able to combine the culture and history of our land and the exploits of the team of the whole of Sardinia represents a pride and privilege, which can be a spur for new wide-ranging projects.”

Thus Bastianino Mossa, president of the Federation of Sardinian Associations in Italy. “For FASI and especially for the federated circles of Emilia Romagna, it is a great opportunity to be able to participate in the initiative that the Mont’e Prama Foundation is proposing in Reggio Emilia. For the many emigrants and also for the Emilians themselves, there will be the opportunity to learn more about the culture and archaeology of the Sinis area and beyond, hoping that, in the coming months, those of them who go to Sardinia will then be able to see live the wonderful Giants at the museum of Cabras and the entire archaeological complex of the area.”

This was followed by the two lectures given by archaeologists from the Mont’e Prama Foundation: the first, entitled “Spirits and Gods,” by Giorgio Murru and Nicola Castangia; the second entitled “The Sinis Natural Archaeological Park” by Maria Mureddu.

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