Italian Champions

Rossoblù World - 12/04/2024

The sun was shining that afternoon, as only in Sardinia when spring breaks out. On the lawn of the Amsicora invaded by fans, a grandiose celebration was taking place, there had never been one so beautiful and who knows if there ever will be. Cagliari had just beaten Bari and won the Scudetto, the first team from the south of Italy to do so, outside of the usual notables. It was 12 April 1970.

An anniversary to be celebrated every time, because one never tires of remembering, celebrating, dreaming.

It will be strange this year, the first without Gigi. But perhaps for this very reason the glasses must be raised higher, closer to the stars. To feel him always at our side, today as yesterday. He, like Mario, Eraldo, Giulio, Claudio, Bobo, Manlio: knights who did the feat, heroes who left us all too soon.

Cagliari champion of Italy: it happened at the Amsicora stadium, 54 years ago. We unfurl our flags in the wind and do not stop being moved.

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