Cagliari-Napoli 1-1, match report

First Team - 25/02/2024

It was a 1-1 draw for Cagliari, who caught up with Napoli in the second half after a vigorous performance buoyed by a passionate and red-hot Unipol Domus stadium.

Ranieri opts for Gaetano and Lapadula up front, with Nandez on the low outside of defence. For 10/11 the Udine line-up is confirmed.

The match was immediately intense and Cagliari often punched, although the first (weak) conclusion came in the 17th minute with Jankto’s header going wide. Cagliari were on the ball and Napoli did not show themselves on Scuffet’s side, and in the 23rd minute he was stopped in the corner by Olivera. In the 29th minute, the Rossoblù goalkeeper flew well over Raspadori’s flick from outside, then in the 32nd minute, Rrahmani slotted into his own goal, but Pairetto cancelled after a review on the pitch due to Lapadula’s offside position. Big chance in the 42nd minute, with Luvumbo’s header going wide after Meret’s rebound.

There was great enthusiasm for the Rossoblù, who picked up the thread of the first half, so in the 49th minute Lapadula at the first post broke in well but did not frame the goal. On the hour mark, Viola, Pavoletti and Zappa were brought in to freshen things up and keep pushing, but in the 65th minute Osimhen’s header slotted into the lead following a cross from Raspadori, who stole the ball and crossed into the box. Confident Napoli looked for a double, in the 89th minute Politano sent off, in the 94th minute the goalkeeper made a save on Simeone and in the 95th minute the apotheosis: Dossena’s throw, Luvumbo kept his foot in the box and with his right hand sent into the crossbar for the rossoblù jubilation.


Cagliari: Scuffet; Nandez, Mina, Dossena, Augello (31′ sh Oristanio; Deiola, Makoumbou; Gaetano (16′ sh Viola), Jankto (16′ sh Zappa), Luvumbo; Lapadula (16′ sh Pavoletti, 31′ sh Petagna). Coach: Ranieri

Napoli: Meret; Olivera, Juan Jesus, Rrhamani, Mazzocchi (40′ sh Ostigard); Zielinski (34′ sh Cajuste), Lobotka, Anguissa; Kvaratskhelia, (28′ sh Politano) Osimhen (40′ sh Simeone), Raspadori (34′ sh Lindstrom). Coach.: Calzona

Referee: Pairetto

Goal scorers: 21′ sh Osimhen (N), 90’+6′ sh Luvumbo (C)

Booked: Lapadula, Luvumbo, Nandez, Deiola (C), Olivera (N)

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