Home draw with Juventus

First Team - 20 April 2024

The match between Cagliari and Juventus at the Unipol Domus ended 2-2. The Rossoblù were outstanding in the first half and for over an hour, with an athletic and technical-tactical dominance that culminated in the 2-0 win at half-time, signed by Gaetano and Mina’s penalties, procured first for Bremer’s hand foul and then for Szczęsny’s landing of Luvumbo.

In the 2nd minute Luvumbo immediately with a left-footed shot, ball just wide. In the 9th minute Shomurodov again with a shot on the turn, ball out. Cagliari controlling the rhythms, on 29 minutes Bremer’s hand foul on Dossena’s shot: Gaetano doesn’t miss. In the 36th minute Luvumbo escapes, beats Gatti and Szczęsny knocks him down: Mina imitates his team-mate and makes it 2-0.

The second half began with Juventus pressing harder and producing more than in the first, while the red and blues were on the bounce. In the 62nd minute, Vlahovic struck a left-footed free-kick awarded for an alleged foul by Nandez on Chiesa on the edge of the area: the ball hit the front post and the goal. There was a great battle on the pitch, Cagliari fought back but struggled to score from Szczęsny’s side, and in the 87th minute, Dossena committed an unfortunate own goal, beating Scuffet in an attempt to clear. A draw that weighs heavily on the standings, two points missing but the terrible triptych ends with five precious points.

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