Maternal surname on jerseys

First Team - 10/05/2024

In order to celebrate ‘Mother’s Day’ on the occasion of Milan-Cagliari – the 36th Serie A matchday kick-off scheduled for Saturday (8.45pm) – the teams will play with special match jerseys: instead of taking to the pitch with the one usually worn, the players will wear their mother’s surname on their backs.

The two clubs jointly want to promote what was established by the Constitutional Court and thus by an Italian law of 1 June 2022: both parents must be able to share the choice of their children’s surnames, a principle that constitutes a founding element of a person’s identity.

To support the initiative, the call-ups for the match and the line-ups will be announced with the double surname (maternal/paternal) of the players.

The illustration used for this initiative by Cagliari Calcio on its official channels is designed and created by Gabriele Idili

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