Milan-Cagliari, Ranieri speaks

First Team - 9 May 2024

Press conference at the CRAI Sport Center in Assemini for Claudio Ranieri on the eve of AC Milan-Cagliari, scheduled for Saturday at 20:45 at the ‘Giuseppe Meazza’.

“We are well, we play the season in these three games. Three months ago we would have signed to be in this situation, but we are ready to fight as always and I don’t think this match or day will be decisive. The last one will be, and I hope that the league will play these matches at the same time, without advances or postponements as they have done so far.

“Milan have so many champions and I didn’t discover it, they are the team that has scored more than anyone else from set-pieces. We’ll have to play an excellent match, like against Atalanta, Inter and Juventus. Milan in crisis or under-performing? Whether that’s a pro or a con for us we’ll understand at the final whistle, let’s think about preparing well and being ready for it”.

“It’s true that we squandered some advantages, but on the other hand we come back very often. I’d always prefer to take the lead, then matches go many ways depending on many factors. This team has a strong team spirit, the same one that brought us back to Serie A, and it proved it most recently against Lecce. Did we lack a bomber? Maybe, but above all we suffered too much defensively, we must be more careful. Fiorentina in the Conference League final and our last opponent? I am happy for the Viola, I always support all the Italian teams in Europe, without any distinction, and now I only think of Milan.

“Makoumbou did not train today because of a knock on his left knee. Mina worked partially with us, which is a good sign, when he did the whole week in the group then he had to miss the match. Mancosu is returning, he worked partially with the group. Petagna and Pavoletti are not 100%, but it is important to have more choices and above all to guess the choices, either from the start or at half-time”.

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