Monza-Cagliari, Ranieri speaks

First Team - 14/03/2024

Coach Ranieri spoke from the press room of the Unipol Domus two days before the away match against Monza, valid for the 29th day of Serie A. These are his words:

“We analysed the match against Salernitana, we realised that we cannot allow ourselves those minutes of inattention. I did, however, appreciate the reaction we had. We must never lose concentration, if we are a concentrated and determined team we have a good chance of getting a result and thus saving ourselves: otherwise we are not at our level, we cannot afford it now. We are at the end of the championship, there are 10 games left and there are 30 points up for grabs: missteps are no longer allowed.

“We come from four consecutive useful results, two draws and two wins: the road is long, these points allow us to stay alive, they give us confidence and awareness. Now we’ll go to Monza, a team that is playing very well: they have the ability and the qualities to change system even during the game, we must be good at reading their situations. Against Genoa they gave a great performance. We, however, must go there aware that we can hurt them, playing our game. The injured players? They are all developing positively, but we have to understand who improves and who is not worth risking”.

“After the last few games, the awareness has grown in us that we must each do our own thing, not do more for the good of the team. Everyone has to do what we know how to do, otherwise we lose our way and become disunited. This, however, was an act of extreme love on the part of the boys, wanting to do more for the good of Cagliari’.

“This time too we will have an extraordinary public beside us: they will come in large numbers to Monza, we must make them proud and not disappoint them. I will never stop thanking our fans, they are incredible. It is also thanks to them that we got to Serie A, I always said that last year, and only if they continue to support us as they are doing will we remain in Serie A. They’ve always given us great support, they’ve been able to wait for us, if we manage to achieve salvation it will be thanks to everyone”.

“As long as the goal is not achieved, I will not lose concentration, you have to stay in the game, you have to understand when you have to change or not during the match: by now with the five changes all the lads have understood that they are equally important, in today’s football matches are often decided with the fresh energy you have on the bench”.

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