POST MATCH | Nandez with the media

First Team - 20/04/2024

Rossoblù midfielder Nahitan Nandez spoke to the media after the draw against Juventus:

“It was a key episode for the final result. I’m so sorry, I told the referee first, then the coach and my teammates: I absolutely did not touch him, that’s never a foul. Chiesa even shouted as if he had received a bad blow. But I didn’t touch him, I was cautioned for a foul I didn’t commit and, above all, that’s where their goal came from. By now the game is over, there is nothing we can do about it, but the regret remains. During the match there were fouls on Luvumbo, which were not penalised. We can all make mistakes, but we are playing for Serie A”.

“We knew we were facing a great team, with great players. We had a great first half: we didn’t let them play, we created a lot of chances and scored two goals. In the second half we dropped physically, but we still seemed to be quite in control: the foul that was whistled, with the free kick later scored by Vlahovic, reopened the game. Now there is a mix of emotions: we go home with some regret, it could have been three points. But one came, which against Juventus is still important”.

“What can I say about our public, our people: they are our greatest asset, I thank them. It is wonderful to live the match with them by our side: today too they supported us from start to finish. I am in love with these people, who welcomed me as if I were one of them from day one, I am in love with the city”.

“The first part of this championship was complicated for us, we couldn’t find the right path to be the Cagliari we all wanted to be. We came out of it with work and unity, all together. Now the team is on a good path: lately we have been able to get good results, even against top teams like Atalanta, Inter and today Juventus. We train well, there are no starters and reserves, even those who take over know that they can be decisive and take the field with a desire to win. We are confident: the group makes the difference and we are a great group. We’ll fight with the coach – who gives us so much both on and off the pitch – until the end to stay in Serie A.”

“My future? For me now, the only thing that is important is to do everything, together with my teammates, to reach our goal: staying in Serie A. To think about my future there will be time. Five finals await us, we must try to score points in every match. Now we will go to Genoa to play our game, as we are always doing”.

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