Ranieri before Empoli-Cagliari

First Team - 01/03/2024

Coach Ranieri spoke in a press conference two days before the away match in Empoli, a match valid for the 27th day of Serie A. These are his words:

“With the injuries to Pavoletti and now Petagna (the striker suffered a low-grade injury to the soleus in his right leg in training) we lose in physicality; on the other hand, thanks to the returns of Shomurodov and Oristanio, we gain in speed. Of course, I would have preferred to be able to choose: a coach would always like to have all his personnel available.”

“We enter a month that could decide our future, so we have to be ready. On Sunday we will face a team that has strung together a series of positive results and has almost pulled itself out of the quagmire, I give kudos to Nicola for the great job he has done since his arrival. Empoli is a team that closes spaces well, is compact, everyone helps each other, so we will have to play a great game.”

“I don’t have predetermined hierarchies, every game I choose the men I think can do well. We found the square because we understood that we can reach salvation only with the right determination, helping ourselves and trying not to make mistakes. We don’t have a fixed form, the guys know how to interpret all the systems of play as otherwise the other teams. All coaches change, we must not remain static on certain concepts.”

“Luvumbo’s goal gave us further awareness that by fighting you can succeed in turning the tide of a game, even when it seems doomed. Until Napoli’s goal we had played a good match, the goal led us to uncover ourselves, but we held out against a great team that can do a lot of damage and proved it in the next match.”

“Deiola is often attacked on social media, I don’t understand. He has his faults, but most of all he has his qualities. When he is fit, he gives me balance, strength and determination. He transmits so much to the team: at times when you are fighting for something important, he makes everyone understand how much he wants to stay in Serie A. I want people who play with heart, who put in the utmost self-sacrifice in helping their teammates, and Alessandro gives me all this.”

“Lapadula only needs to find the goal again to feel strong. In training I see him determined, he is close to scoring and I am sure he will have a great end to the season. Nandez is a universal player, he can play both as a midfielder and as a low side. A player I like because he always puts everything he has on the field and drags his teammates along. Jankto is returning to his level, I hope he finds the goal and gives us something more at the end of the season. I believe in him a lot.”

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