The report of Cagliari-Salernitana

First Team - 9 March 2024

A rossoblù victory at the Unipol Domus, where Salernitana fell 4-2 after a whirlwind of emotions. Lapadula unblocked it on the quarter-hour, Gaetano doubled it in the 40th minute and Shomurodov made it a trio at the start of the second half. Then the blackout between the 56th and 58th minutes with the two Campania goals by Kastanos and Maggiore, before Shomurodov put everything back on track in the 76th minute.

Without the injured Luvumbo, compared to Empoli the only change is Zappa who returns to defensive outside with Nandez in front of him in the 4-4-2. In front Lapadula and Gaetano, on the left Augello and Jankto, centre-backs Deiola and Makoumbou, defensive centre-backs Mina and Dossena.

Cagliari’s aggressive start, in the 14th minute Lapadula escaped on the edge of the offside line and entered the goal with the ball: offside, but VAR verified and by a few millimetres the goal was valid. Unipol Domus explodes, the bomber returns to goal after three months and it’s advantage. Salernitana made an attempt in the 31st minute with Tchaouna from outside, but Scuffet repelled. In the 38th minute Gaetano, offside, scored and it did not count, but shortly afterwards the restart from a corner was perfect: Nandez dragged and served Gaetano, who controlled and dribbled to put in the 2-0 right-footed shot.

Ready, go and in the 52nd minute Shomurodov escaped on a counter-attack: a shot that Ochoa parried but the Uzbek on the line made no mistake. It seemed to be over, but Salernitana responded: Kastanos slotted in and on Zanoli’s cross from the right, shortened the lead. A few seconds and from a corner Maggiore makes it 2-3. Salernitana believed, Cagliari reorganised, and in the 76th minute Shomurodov won the rebound with Fazio and made no mistake in front of Ochoa. The match in fact ended here, with the joy of the rossoblù people and another battle that rewarded the group. Now head to Monza.

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