Udinese-Cagliari 1-1, Match Report

First Team - 18/02/2024

A 1-1 draw was secured in the first half for the red and blue team, who fell behind early in the match in Udine with a goal from Zemura. They equalized at the end of the first half, thanks to the second consecutive goal by Gianluca Gaetano, assisted by Tommaso Augello.

Udinese pushed early and unlocked the score at the 14th minute with Zemura, who received the ball from the right side and slotted it into the top corner with his left foot. The Friulian team legitimized their lead and posed a threat to a Cagliari side struggling to react. At the 30th minute, Lucca’s header missed the target from the center of the box. However, at the close of the first half, the equalizer came: Gaetano brilliantly worked the ball from the back, passed it to Augello, who delivered a cross that the Neapolitan converted into a goal at the 44th minute.

The second half took on a different tone, with Cagliari displaying more quality and determination, although it wasn’t enough to secure a victory. Right from the start, at the 47th minute, Lapadula hit the crossbar with a right-footed shot in a crowded box. Cagliari dominated the field, but Udinese posed threats on counterattacks, such as at the 57th minute when Lucca’s right-footed volley missed the target. At the 67th minute, Luvumbo narrowly missed connecting with Gaetano’s low cross, while the flurry of substitutions revolutionized Udinese. They had a chance with Samardzic’s attempt at the 73rd minute, but his shot went wide. With Pavoletti, Di Pardo, and Nandez coming on for the final stretch, Cagliari seemed poised to win, but the decisive moment was missing. Udinese slowed down, still threatening on the counter. The match ended in a 1-1 draw, impacting the standings and keeping the race alive.

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