Cagliari-Salernitana, Ranieri speaks

First Team - 7 March 2024

Two days before Cagliari-Salernitana (Saturday at 15:00 at the Unipol Domus) and the customary meeting with the media for coach Claudio Ranieri in the press room of the CRAI Sport Center. As part of the partnership with Intesa San Paolo, which supports the project, the press conference will now also have simultaneous translation into Sign Language (LIS) with interpreter Luciana Ledda.

“Winning would be very important to follow up and give further value to the success of Empoli, but against Salernitana it will be a very tricky match. We will need a Cagliari charged to the max, with attention, intensity and dedication to the cause, aware that then the field lives of episodes and the result is determined by many factors not always controllable. Empoli has given us further awareness in the fact that we are giving our best every day, the episodes have smiled on us, unlike other circumstances. Watch out for Salernitana though, they come from an excellent performance in Udine, they never gave up and the lads know very well how many dangers there are in a match like Saturday’s. The shock? When things don’t go well you either give up or you rebel and react, the main thing for us is to know within ourselves that we put in the maximum effort, I’m interested in that, then if you lose you applaud the opponent and there are no regrets”.

“Luvumbo has to stop because of this little problem he had in Empoli, Oristanio is working well and we’ll see what he can give us and for how much during the match. Scuffet? He took his starting place and is defending it very well, when we are compact as a team it’s easier for him to get fewer dangerous shots or at least fewer convenient opportunities for the opponents. Prati and Viola? They are important elements, I have a squad with many good guys, everyone gives something during the season and in the end is decisive, I keep them and all the others in consideration because in the course of a championship you need everyone, on and off the pitch. Shomurodov and Kingstone? Eldor we met again in Empoli and I saw him well, he clearly needs to put minutes in his legs, but he was important in the final; I like King, he’s young and never gives up, he has the right spirit and that’s why I threw him in. The arrival of Mina? Everyone has benefited from it, because he has brought experience, a healthy naughtiness, even serenity to the group, especially in the ball possession phase, it’s normal that then everyone performs a bit more next to him. Lapadula’s goal? It will come, I’m convinced, he’s getting closer and closer, but he knows first and foremost that the goal is important regardless of who scores it, if it brings points to the cause”.

“It will be great to see the stadium full, it is now a constant and for us the public is vital. The people know that they pushed us into Serie A last year, realising a dream that seemed impossible. At Empoli we had an entire Curva to push us, I am grateful to all those who follow us home and away, they are fundamental and they never abandon us. I also think of those guys who didn’t get into Udine because of certain situations, all our fans are exceptional”.

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