Ranieri after Udinese-Cagliari

First Team - 18/02/2024

After the Udinese match, Mister Claudio Ranieri analyzes the draw at the Bluenergy Stadium.

“It was normal after four consecutive defeats that the boys were a bit restrained and scared. We loosened up after the goal, with a beautiful action. The first half belonged to Udinese, and we did well to close it at 1-1, facing a team with enthusiasm and in good condition. In the second half, we were better, and we knew Udinese would counterattack, but they only had one shot on target, and we created some situations to win, especially Lapadula’s shot hitting the crossbar. I wouldn’t speak of regret; in other instances, we lost despite deserving more. We accept the verdict of the field and continue working, especially with the spirit of a group that never gives up and works every day with commendable determination.”

“These guys deserve a lot; they motivate me. It’s the spirit needed to achieve the goal. Sometimes we are a bit frantic and less careful due to the will to recover and give more than our best, and in Serie A, you get punished at the first mistake. From the beginning, I said we would suffer, and there would be a fight until the last day. We started so-so, then for a few games, we pulled our heads out of the relegation zone, now again against the current, but we know it, and we keep fighting together. Nothing is decided; this championship will end at the last second of the season. I told the boys that we must remain vigilant, execute the instructions well and be mentally present, then we’ll see the results, but first, we must show ourselves that we want and can save ourselves. Last Saturday, I told the boys that I would step aside if it helped give them a shake, but I received a great vote of esteem and attachment. So, we go on all together and compact.”

Gaetano: “Had a positive impact with quality and courage. He integrated well because he is intelligent and quick-thinking. He does important work both with and without the ball. When we played him more vertically behind the striker, exploiting the wings, we were more dangerous.” Mina: “A reference point in defense. We needed an experienced guy like Yerri in defense to provide tranquility and solidity to the teammates in the backline. Today, he managed well even after a week where he couldn’t align at his best.” Jankto: “Wasn’t giving what he is capable of. He can do more this season. Today, I chose him, and when I switched him and Luvumbo on the wing, we were more balanced, and Udinese struggled more.” Lapadula: “He is generous, never gives up, was decisive for getting into Serie A, one of the most experienced and leaders in the locker room. There is a good relationship between us, and I’m sorry he didn’t find the goal hitting the crossbar, but I’m sure he will unlock soon.” Nandez: “Like Mina, he didn’t train during the week due to some muscle issues. I didn’t want to risk both of them from the start because Nahitan is generous, and the risk of worsening things would have been too high.”

We have a very difficult match ahead, facing the Italian champions who play in the Champions League with very strong players. So, we have to be prepared at our best, give our best, and then we’ll see the result, accepting it as always. 

“For us, the attachment of our people is fundamental. Our fans are fantastic; they suffer, love the team. In the city, you always hear someone encouraging you after a defeat, asking you to give your best. It’s not obvious. In Cagliari, the rossoblù people suffer for this team. It’s not easy when you lose many games and see yourself in difficulty. It’s up to us to give the people, who even today followed us in large numbers in Udine, the satisfaction they deserve.”

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