The GYPSOS MVP to Michele Carboni

Youth Sector - 6 June 2024

Michele Carboni is the ‘MVP GYPSOS’ 2024, this is the final verdict awarding the trophy inaugurated as part of the partnership between Cagliari Calcio and FLUORSID that saw the Gypsos brand on the red and blue Primavera team’s jersey in the 2023-2024 season. The midfielder thus emerges in the excellent year of the group led by Fabio Pisacane, with so many elements (from captain Idrissi to Achour, passing through Wodzicki, Vinciguerra, Arba, Simonetta, Marcolini, Balde: these are the winners of the partial award after the individual season’s competitions) that have constituted a reality capable of coming close to the playoffs and laying the foundations for the future.

PHOTO | FLUORSID plant manager Daniele Tocco with Michele Carboni

The project, supported by the ‘Carlo Enrico Giulini’ Foundation, included a competition to create the final trophy, in which first and second grade comprehensive schools located in the metropolitan city of Cagliari participated. The aim was to stimulate creativity and raise awareness among the younger generation on issues related to the circular economy. The prize, 80% of which was made of recycled material, was presented to the winner at FLUORSID’s headquarters in the Macchiareddu industrial zone in Assemini, in the presence also of the teachers of the Istituto Comprensivo Randaccio Tuveri Don Milani.

“It’s a great honour, I’m very happy because it rewards the season of the whole team – Michele Carboni‘s comment – where the only thing missing was the cherry on top of the playoffs. I would like to thank FLUORSID and the ‘Carlo Enrico Giulini’ Foundation because seeing the Cagliari Youth Sector, the work of us youngsters together with the staff and the projects with students is an incentive to do better and better.

‘Congratulations to Michele and the whole red-blue group,’ were the words of Cagliari’s FLUORSID plant manager, Daniele Tocco. “The GYPSOS MVP award has long been a reality in our company. Thank you to the young people who took part in the competition, putting great commitment and dedication into the design and realisation of the trophies, once again enhancing GYPSOS, our certified and environmentally sustainable calcium sulphate. And thanks, of course, to Cagliari Calcio and the ‘Carlo Enrico Giulini’ Foundation for their synergetic work, ideal for following up a virtuous project in multiple directions.

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