Activation of Ticketag service

Rossoblù World - 31/10/2023

The Cagliari Calcio is pleased to announce the activation of Ticketag, the TicketOne service that provides fans with a marketplace for buying and selling season ticket installments, offering economic compensation to subscribers for each transferred ticket (CLICK HERE TO ACCESS).

Through the official website of Cagliari Calcio, it will be possible to resell and purchase the valid ticket to attend Cagliari Calcio’s home matches, providing those without a ticket the opportunity to access the Unipol Domus, occupying the few remaining seats available for non-subscribers during the 2023/2024 sports season.

To take advantage of the season ticket installment buying and selling service, it is necessary to possess the “Passione Casteddu” fidelity card. The service (CLICK HERE TO USE IT) is active only for the Curva Nord, Curva Sud, and Distinti Laterali sections, which were already sold out during the subscription campaign.

For further questions and concerns about the offered service, you can refer to the FAQs (CLICK HERE) on the dedicated page.

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