“I Giganti di Mont’e Prama” in Turin

Rossoblù World - 11/11/2023

The Giants of Mont’e Prama arrive in Turin together with Cagliari Calcio. The Piedmontese capital is the new stop that hosts the story of Nuragic Sardinia thanks to the synergy between two excellences of the island: the Rossoblù Club and the Mont’e Prama Foundation. This partnership has been confirmed for the second consecutive year through a communication campaign that sees them as cultural dissemination partners in the world of sports.

The world’s oldest museum dedicated to Egyptian culture in Turin, which tells an extraordinary era cultivated by stories of men, pharaohs, explorers, fashion, and travel, will host the conference “Il parco archeologico naturale della Penisola del Sinis” held by archaeologist Ilaria Orri of the Mont’e Prama Foundation. Also, there will be “Giganti e Fate: un viaggio nell’archeologia preistorica della Sardegna,” curated by Giorgio Murru, Head of the Scientific and Educational Services area of the Mont’e Prama Foundation, and photographer Nicola Castangia. Alongside the Mont’e Prama Foundation and Cagliari Calcio, the Federation of Sardinian Associations in Italy, always attentive to promoting the cultural heritage of Sardinia.

The event began with greetings from the Director of the Egyptian Museum, Christian Greco, followed by speeches from Anthony Muroni, President of the Mont’e Prama Foundation, Stefano Melis, Director of Business and Media of Cagliari Calcio, and Bastianino Mossa, President of FASI (Federation of Sardinian Associations in Italy).

“It is an honor to contribute to enhancing the historical heritage of Sardinia, its millennial culture testified by the Giants of Sinis. Our journey with the Mont’e Prama Foundation continues today in another city of art, in a prestigious location like the Egyptian Museum. Football, with its great attraction, is an extremely effective promotional tool: on occasions like this, it is a pleasure to always receive so much interest, welcomed by the enthusiasm of the curious, enthusiasts, and Sardinian fans on the mainland,” said Stefano Melis, Director of Business & Media of Cagliari Calcio.

The event was opened with greetings from the Director of the Egyptian Museum, Christian Greco, who has long been familiar with the Sinis territory. “Our realities are linked by the management of cultural assets based on the ‘Foundation’ model,” says Greco. “I follow with great sympathy the action of the Mont’e Prama Foundation, not only for the friendship and esteem towards President Muroni, with whom there is often a comparison but also because it seems to be experimenting with an interesting management model: that of the Diffused Museum. Sinis is a land I always return to with pleasure, which thanks to the work of the superintendencies, has managed to keep the landscape in which ancient civilizations arose intact, allowing us to understand the reason for human settlements in those places. We need to work effectively to ensure that cultural assets become the backbone of our country.”

“Presenting the history of the Natural Archaeological Park of Sinis in the temple of Egyptian history is a source of great pride for us. The men who built the ancient civilizations still communicate today, creating new connections that animate modern cultural debate. It remains our task to find new ways of growth and dissemination that are attractive to new generations, even through the channel of sport, as we have been committed to doing with enthusiasm for the past two years,” said Anthony Muroni, President of the Mont’e Prama Foundation.

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