“Sa Die de sa Sardigna”, the commemorative jersey

Rossoblù World - 28 April 2024

A crucial day in the history of Sardinia for 230 years. On the occasion of “Sardinian People’s Day” – established by the Regional Council of Sardinia through Regional Law No. 44 of September 14, 1993 – Cagliari Calcio remembers the events of the “Sarda Rivolutzione” (in Italian: “Sardinian Revolutionary Moti” or “Sardinian Vespers”) by presenting the Special Edition Jersey made by technical sponsor EYE Sport, which will be worn in the next match to be played in Sardinia, on May 5 against Lecce. An initiative in collaboration with technical sponsor EYE Sport and which is also part of the partnership with the Department of Tourism of the Region of Sardinia, to honor the history of Sardinia and its people by celebrating their cultural identity and unity at that precise moment in history.

The jersey, characterized by the pixel effect (with chromaticities reminiscent of Giuseppe Sciuti’s work “Entrance of Giovanni Maria Angioy in Sassari”) also proposed on the side of the shorts and on the back of the socks, has in the three texts in the Sardinian language that appear at different points of the game uniform its distinctive elements: the name of the festival, “Sa Die de sa Sardigna,” visible horizontally in the back of the jersey and vertically in the back of the socks; the date “Su 28 de Abrili” internally in the choker; and the phrase “Nara Cixiri” internally in the lower part of the jersey, to reiterate and recall the phonetic formula by which, according to legend, it was easy to identify “the foreigner.” The Piedmontese were blocked by being told “Nara cixiri” (transl.: pronounce the word “chickpea”); those who could not pronounce this word well (“cixiri” in Sardinian means “chickpea”) were not “casteddaio” and were therefore destined to be boarded and turned away.

April 28, 1794 went down in history as “Sa Die de s’aciapa” (transl. “Day of Capture”), when the citizens of Cagliari were protagonists in the expulsion of the Piedmontese in the culmination of what is known as the “Sardinian Revolt” that had begun the previous year and would last for a three-year period with episodes until 1812. Those uprisings were emblematic of the valor and dignity of the Sardinian people, exalted by the courage, sacrifice and resistance of our ancestors in the face of the injustices of the rulers, the Savoy. Indeed, the turmoil between the Sardinian bourgeoisie and the feudal lords did not cease and continued even after April 28, 1794. Discontent grew until, in the second half of 1795, the number of revolts increased and the city of Sassari was surrounded. The Savoy Viceroy asked Giovanni Maria Angioy to restore order to the island, but he, riding across the island from Cagliari to Sassari, became better acquainted with the problems and demands of the Sardinians and, in village after village, was able to form an increasingly large group, finally espousing the cause of the people and effectively uniting them from south to north, until he was triumphantly welcomed. This episode is depicted in Sciuti’s fresco, now in the assembly hall of the Palazzo della Provincia in Sassari.

The jersey is made of 100% recycled polyester fabric, with yarn subjected to a 100% Wicking treatment that provides greater breathability and speeds drying. The Cagliari Calcio crest is affixed in silicone on the front, side and at heart height. Silicone EYE Sport logo on the front, right side and left shoulder. On the front, bottom right side is the NFC tag that allows access to the Eye Football League online game. In the sweatband the inscription “Su 28 de Abrili,” that “Sa die de sa Sardigna” on the back, in the inner hem the inscription “Nara Cixiri.” Same features for the shorts and details, with sweat being immediately expelled facilitating evaporation, avoiding stagnation and ensuring quick drying of the skin. The elastic waistband features the stylized 4 Mori logo, the Cagliari Calcio crest is silicone on the right leg, the EYE Sport crest on the left leg. Side vents, round laces to adjust the fit of the shorts, and gaiters for the first time in innovative Polispandex fabric, a polyester yarn that combines the hydrophobic antibacterial qualities of polyester with a monocotton filing, which allows athletes perfect circulation without having the sense of compression given by an overly invasive sock.

EYE Sport and Cagliari Calcio respect the environment by making garments and packaging from environmentally friendly materials for a more sustainable future. The yarn of the fabrics is produced by recycling PET. Waste from processing is reused to make the stuffing for cute pillows in the colors and styles of your favorite team. The jersey is packaged inside eco-friendly packaging made of compostable, plastic-free material. The Special Edition Race Jersey is customizable as usual with the name and number of your favorite player.

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