Cagliari Joins “I Take a Stand” Campaign Against Gender Violence

Rossoblù World - 25/12/2023

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Cagliari Calcio is joining the “Prendo un impegno” (I Take a Stand) campaign, an awareness initiative promoted by Fondazione Libellula, a social enterprise for the prevention and contrast of gender-based violence.

The club will be at the forefront of the daily battle, aiming to involve and raise awareness for everyone, as the campaign’s goal dictates. “There is only one way to combat violence against women, and that is to collectively take responsibility. Each and every one of us can do something concrete in our daily lives to stop discrimination and microaggressions,” says Cagliari and Fondazione Libellula in unison. “Let’s take a stand: let the conversations of these days not be limited to November 25. Gender-based violence concerns everyone.”

A sensitization video involving representatives of the club, including the head of the women’s sector Anna Piras, Cagliari athletes Chiara Aresu, Michelle Carucci, Edoardo Goldaniga, Leonardo Pavoletti, and Nicolas Viola, will be published on the club’s social media (watch it here). On Sunday, over 10,000 flyers will be distributed in the stands of Unipol Domus to send a clear message, “Gender-based violence concerns you too.” Furthermore, the jerseys worn by Cagliari during the match against Monza will be auctioned on CharityStars, with proceeds going to Fondazione Libellula projects.

The unique aspect of Fondazione Libellula’s campaign is that it is entirely represented by male ambassadors, all united in the commitment against gender violence. “According to a survey conducted by Fondazione Libellula, 43% of men think that gender-based violence is a phenomenon that does not concern them,” emphasized Debora Moretti, President and Founder of Fondazione Libellula Impresa Sociale. “With this campaign, we want to overturn this paradigm and remind everyone that the responsibility to fight gender-based violence is not only women’s but all of ours, including men. It is time to challenge harmful stereotypes and promote a culture of awareness and support. Together, we can build a world where men and women live free from fear and prejudice, contributing to creating a fairer and safer future for all.”

The club’s actions will complement the initiatives of Lega Serie A, in collaboration with WeWorldOnlus, as part of the “Un rosso alla violenza” (A red card to violence) campaign, promoted in conjunction with all matches of the 13th round of the championship. Before Cagliari-Monza, important messages on the theme will be communicated to the audience, and videos will be displayed on the big screen. Coaches and players will wear a special armband in pre and post-match interviews, and they will read their appeal. On the field, players and referees will have a red mark on their faces and will enter the field with a T-shirt created for the occasion with the inscription “Il Calcio dice no alla violenza contro le donne” (Football says no to violence against women). Before kickoff, team captains, wearing a dedicated armband, will address the spectators by reading a sensitization message.

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