Cagliari at the USSI 2023 Awards

Rossoblù World - 21/11/2023

This afternoon, the USSI Sardegna awards ceremony took place in Carbonia, an annual event organized by sports journalists in Sardinia, dedicated to athletes and teams from the region who stood out in the past season.

Cagliari, the protagonist of the promotion to Serie A achieved through an exciting journey leading to playoff victory, was honored. The awards were presented to the Business and Media Director, Stefano Melis, coach Claudio Ranieri, and Simone Aresti. Furthermore, Ranieri received the Astori Award, established six months after the passing of former Cagliari, Roma, and Fiorentina player Davide Astori. The award is given to a figure in football who embodies the same values upheld by Davide throughout his career. Davide’s parents, Giovanna and Renato Astori, along with his brother Bruno, presented the award. During the ceremony, the Carlo Enrico Giulini Foundation, represented by president Ilaria Nardi, was also honored for its social projects. During the ceremony, the Carlo Enrico Giulini Foundation, represented by president Ilaria Nardi, was also honored for its social projects.

“Receiving the USSI award is a source of great pride for the Club,” explains Melis. “It celebrates not only the way the season concluded but also because it marks a memorable journey—a long, challenging path where all elements of the club came together for a common goal. A year ago, we reorganized, placing planning, pragmatism, and the desire to be closer to the fans at the center of our activities. We succeeded and continue to do so thanks to the spirit and sense of belonging within the group and the coach with his staff—ideal ingredients to keep working towards the new goal: survival in Serie A, which we have reclaimed.”

Simone Aresti added, “Last season was incredible, a dream promotion achieved because the entire environment came together, starting with the fans. It’s their victory as much as the team and the club’s. Now we continue on that path, knowing it’s challenging, but every day we work to improve and achieve our goals.” Aresti also expressed thoughts on Davide Astori: “I had the privilege of knowing him and playing with him at Cagliari, a wonderful person, an example in every aspect. His absence is always felt.”

Ranieri, emotionally receiving the Astori Award, said, “I’m moved and touched to receive this award named after a wonderful person like Davide Astori”. “The values of sports must be the most positive because we enter the homes of many people, fans, and opponents but, first of all, enthusiasts. That’s why each of us must commit to avoiding excuses, disputes, unnecessary controversies. Sport is competition; there is victory as well as defeat. What matters is giving everything, being fair, and respectful towards others. These are the values that I try to pursue every day on and off the field—values that have been taught to me and that I strive to convey.”

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