Cagliari in Orgosolo and Pozzomaggiore

Rossoblù World - 28/05/2024

Cagliari’s tour of the island made two new stops today: two red and blue delegations met this afternoon respectively with the fans of Orgosolo, in Barbagia, and Pozzomaggiore, in Logudoro. Corporate CEO, Carlo Catte, and players Simone Scuffet and Paulo Azzi were guests of the Cagliari Club in Orgosolo; in Pozzomaggiore, the local Cagliari Fan Club welcomed business and media director, Stefano Melis, and captain Leonardo Pavoletti. A moment to be together, celebrating at the home of their fans their stay in Serie A. A goal reached also thanks to everyone’s support.

‘We are honoured to host Cagliari on this beautiful occasion,’ said the president of the Cagliari Club Orgosolo, Salvatore Musina. ‘There is great passion here, Cagliari unites all of us in football cheering and in representing us everywhere. The red and blue people love their team and their boys: days like these are wonderful to renew a bond that can never be broken’.

This is how Carlo Catte put it: ‘We had been thinking about organising this meeting for a long time. I want to thank everyone for the welcome, not only the people of Orgosolo but also those from the neighbouring villages who are here today and who always support us with great strength and love. We are also happy to celebrate here, once again, the salvation achieved this year thanks to a great group, represented here today by Simone and Paulo and made up of extraordinary guys who have shown how much they care about our jersey, the territory and the people they represent’.

‘For those of us who come from outside Sardinia, it’s really nice to get to know the realities of the area and their passion,’ Scuffet and Azzi say in chorus. ‘Your energy is contagious and fundamental for fighting on every field in pursuit of our goals. Thank you for everything you convey to us and the sacrifices you make to stand by our side’.

‘We sincerely thank Cagliari Calcio for coming to visit us in Pozzomaggiore. We love to organise trips, by any means and to go anywhere, to be close to the team,’ said contact person Giuseppe Casula. For his deputy, Maria Paola Cappai: ‘The daily commitment to spread the red-blue passion among the youngest is fundamental, today’s children are the future of the fans and of Cagliari and together with them it is fundamental to spread and reinforce Cagliari’s values at all latitudes and in all contexts’.

‘It’s great to take part in initiatives like today’s around our Sardinia and to feel at home every time,’ explains Stefano Melis. ‘In 2022 we started again from the certainties we had, including of course our captain who is here today, and all together, with the president in the lead and coach Ranieri guiding the team, we have experienced exciting moments. Today we celebrate a hard-fought and well-deserved salvation, achieved above all thanks to the union with our fans, who are always present at all times. Coming to see you is a way to reciprocate at least in part all the affection we receive, Cagliari belongs to the people and must be among the people’.

Pavoletti: ‘Taking part in these events, especially away from Cagliari, makes us realise what Cagliari’s true strength is, a team that truly unites the whole island. I can only thank you, seeing you so happy for our presence is a great gift, the most beautiful. Goals are never achieved alone, I ask you to support us even if sometimes we make you suffer because our heart is good and we try our best. And, as coach Ranieri said, if we play for the fans by putting every energy into it we can do anything, all together.

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