“Football and Family – the price of a passion”

Rossoblù World - 17/01/2024

The “Giacomo Matteotti” room of the Chamber of Deputies in Rome hosted today’s meeting titled “Football and Family – The price of a passion,” promoted and organized in collaboration with the F.I.S.S.C, the Italian Federation of Football Team Supporters.

Cagliari Calcio was represented by Roberto Muzzi, a club icon and currently the Technical Coordinator of the Primavera and Under-18 teams in red and blue, along with many other executives and representatives of professional clubs. The Federation, led by President Antonio Ricciato and Vice Presidents Massimo Gennatiempo and Gerardo D’Aprile, along with delegates – including the president of the Cagliari Fan Club (Delegate for Sardinia and Sicily) Alessio Cordella – brought various issues related to the world of supporters and stadium attendance to the table of Italian football and politics.

“As Cagliari Calcio, it is important to stand by our fans and their needs,” said Muzzi. “We want to increasingly rally around our people, who follow and support us on every occasion, as their contribution is fundamental. That’s why listening and collaborating become crucial, taking advantage of opportunities like today’s.”

“For us, it was a fruitful meeting, focused on the willingness to identify solutions for the future, both immediate and longer-term,” explains Cordella. “From infrastructure to public order provisions of the National Observatory on Sports Events, through the relationships between fans, supporter associations, clubs, and institutions, engaging in dialogue is essential to improve this world that we are all passionate about, each with our own football faith.”

The F.I.S.S.C., the Italian Federation of Football Team Supporters, was founded in 1970 as a result of various meetings between fans of various football teams who wanted to create an organization capable of representing them all together. Its mission is to offer affiliated fan bases a range of services, from legal assistance to support in stadiums during matches through designated centers or clubs, to reporting issues encountered during league matches to the appropriate authorities. The Federation is rooted in the territory through its representatives, primarily a National Coordinator and then coordinators for macro-areas (Northeast Coordinator, Northwest Coordinator, North Center Coordinator, South Center Coordinator, South Coordinator, Islands Coordinator), and finally, those responsible for relationships with fan bases for Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro, and Serie D.

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