The condolences of President Giulini.

Rossoblù World - 22/01/2024

Today the man departs, but the legend is born. Gigi Riva is Cagliari, and he will forever be, now more than ever. It seemed impossible that he would leave us, a discreet but reassuring presence, a monument and symbol, wandering around the city as well as by each of us, advising and asking for updates about his beloved Cagliari. For almost ten years, having him beside me, discreet and precious, silent but decisive in every gesture, gave me strength and awareness. It was an enormous privilege to avail myself of the respect and benevolence of the greatest of all. A constant presence for an entire people, an unreachable totem that will never diminish, even now that he has left us only physically. We owe you so much, Gigi, and we will honor you in your memory, in your example, and forgive us if we fall short of your stature.

To Gigi, we will dedicate the stadium, but above all, the constant effort of each of us to make the Cagliari jersey even more glorious, as he did as a player, executive, and eternal flag. Fly to the sky, Gigi, and with your star, guide us, always.

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