DS Bonato meets the media

First Team - 11/07/2023

A meeting with the media, the first of the 2023-24 season for Sporting Director Nereo Bonato, who, in the press room at the Assemini Sports Center, provided insights into the club’s transfer strategies and orientations for the upcoming sports season.

“I have the honor to open this season, even in terms of media – he begins – Exactly a month ago, we experienced something incredible and wonderful in Bari, now a new, complicated, and difficult story begins because Serie A is a high-level championship. We often reflected on the differences between Serie A and B last season; my wish to the players yesterday is for them to adapt more quickly to this category this time. We all need to be smart – together – to weigh every choice; it could be a transfer window capable of influencing Cagliari for the next few years, so we need careful planning and balance to implement the strategies devised with the coach and ownership. Many players in the second part of last season showed clear growth: I think, for example, of Radunovic, Makoumbou, Luvumbo; others like Nandez and Rog, or Lapadula, are eager to confirm themselves in Serie A. Then there’s the Sardinian core, which is always fundamental and wants to defend what has been regained. I told the players yesterday that the keyword is ‘courage’; this is needed for a reality like Cagliari to face everyone and, at the same time, valorize quality young players.”

“We have invested a portion of what we earned at the start of the transfer market to bring in Sulemana, a young prospect born in 2003 with excellent potential, but clearly, he will need work and patience. Our market started the day after Bari and will last until September 1. Oristanio, if he arrives, will do so on loan with the right to redemption.”

“The goal is to add young players to the group to valorize them and, at the same time, experienced men. Palomino and Prati are two of the many names monitored on which we are making various assessments. All operations must also match from an economic point of view, without forgetting the technical aspect and motivation: those who do not have strong aspirations and enthusiasm in coming to Cagliari are not suitable for us.”

“We will start from the idea of 4-4-2, and in this perspective, we will move to complete the squad. Up front, an attacker capable of playing as both the first and second striker could suit us; we’ve had two market revolutions, which led to a massive turnover of players; that’s why this transfer market can be important for Cagliari’s present and future if we work well. Scuffet and Oristanio are two players who would return from abroad, eager to prove their worth in our football; so far, we are satisfied with the direction our market has taken in the first part, and we continue with confidence, knowing how intricate the dynamics are for everyone.”


“We all know Nandez’s attachment to the colors of Cagliari and how important he is for the club. he club will do everything possible to find a solution for the renewal, keeping in mind that when Nandez’s contract was signed in 2019, the economic horizons were different from today’s. Economic sustainability comes first; Cagliari will do everything within its possibilities. Pereiro is one of those players for whom we will seek a solution, as he does not fit into the tactical-technical project of the team.”


“I was fortunate to have him in Udine for a year, and I believe that tactically, he can give us a big contribution due to his versatility. The coach knows Jankto and knows what he wants from him. His last two years have not been optimal, but the ability of a club like Cagliari is also to take players to relaunch them. As for the media aspect, I can say that Cagliari is an inclusive club and has shown it with many concrete projects over the years; respect is what guides us at every level, and there is little to add. Minister Abodi is a person of high values; I know him personally because I worked with him in Serie B; he has a very close relationship with our president and the club, so it was easy to clarify any misunderstandings.”

“Clearly, someone will need to find more playing time to grow; someone else does not fit into the tactical-technical project, but we will understand as we go. We need to be patient; that’s the only recipe to limit mistakes as much as possible. Anyone who leaves to pursue another path will be missed because we come from a great experience where there was tremendous harmony among all parties. But everything falls within the dynamics of football.”

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