THAT TIME THAT… | Melchiorri Day in Milan

First Team - 14/04/2024

Afternoons to remember, doubles that remain in history and are still told, rare feats that must be inspired. Inter-Cagliari in the 2016-2017 season, the one of the quick return to Serie A after winning the cadet tournament for the first time, is ‘Melchiorri-day’. A match of suffering and courage, twists and turns, and a powerful comeback in the Nerazzurri’s den.

Cagliari’s history has many gems at the San Siro Inter side: among others, those of the 1980s (a 3-3 draw in 1980 going 2-0 up after 5 minutes against the future Italian champions; a 3-1 victory in 1982), and again in the mid-1990s under Tabarez, then heavy draws stamped by Acquafresca and Nainggolan.

Then in 2016 the last time, to date. Joao Mario opened the scoring after Icardi missed a penalty, the red-blue trench held and then faltered, but Pisacane, Sau, Di Gennaro pushed and undermined Handanovic, who could do nothing against the dance and the strikes of ‘Chicco’ Melchiorri, a gentlemanly bomber, as skilful as he was unlucky in his adventure on the island, and certainly always (and forever) appreciated by Cagliari fans.

That 2-1 defeat by Cagliari blew up an entire land and the people who thronged the San Siro, along with ideally all those who throbbed around the world. A pearl, that victory, in the season that ended in eleventh place, full of red-circle results. A sweet and prestigious memory, ideal to approach the new challenge, the one tonight at the Scala del Calcio.

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