PRESS ROOM | Ranieri after Cagliari-Salernitana

First Team - 9 March 2024

After the 4-2 victory over Salernitana, Rossoblù coach Claudio Ranieri spoke to the media present.

“They are three heavy points against a team that plays well, who had reopened it when we had stopped a bit, and in Serie A that is not allowed. It is an important signal for ourselves because we have the awareness that we can fight for the goal. We are in a good moment of form, I have recovered two important players like Shomurodov and Oristanio, but we had to be more careful about the goals we conceded. We had a total blackout, it’s a pity because we had built the game well, breaking quickly into spaces, having studied Salernitana. It’s very sorry to have conceded two goals, at 3-0 we had to see the team mature, instead we reopened it”.

“These are heavy points that we put in the pot, because other difficult moments will come. Head to Monza who play great football and it will be tough, for us they are all complicated exams, one game at a time, every match is decisive and only by thinking like this can you be on the ball and save yourself. It’s important to score points because then we’ll find a new cycle of tough matches, today we were throwing away a very important opportunity and it’s not acceptable to have certain drops in intensity and attention. I’ll talk to the lads on Monday, we sinned by superficiality. The league table? It matters little, things change from game to game and every challenge is decisive, to be faced like a final”.

“Shomurodov had to get into the mentality of a team that has to save itself, from a tactical point of view he quickly acquired what I ask for, then he got injured and had to stay out for a long time. Lapadula is one of those leaders you need in a team, without them you don’t go anywhere, I substituted Gianluca because he had suffered a calf injury and I didn’t want to risk him more than necessary. Gaetano is helping us a lot, he had a slight adductor injury and we didn’t want to risk it, he has quality and serenity to play with technique, he sees the goal, he is very important for us. Mina is an added value, he gives serenity to the department and all his teammates notice it”.

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