Simone Scuffet on DAZN Talks

First Team - 31/01/2024

Simone Scuffet participated in the DAZN Talks program, discussing topics ranging from the emotion of bidding the last farewell to Gigi Riva to the current moment of the team. Here’s an excerpt of his words:

“This past week has been very special. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to personally meet Gigi Riva, but we all knew who he was, his sporting achievements: what happened in the past few days has made even clearer to everyone what he represented for this island. We are talking about a legend who made history with Cagliari and, in general, in Italian football. He will be remembered forever not only as a footballer but also for his tremendous human qualities.”

“Since my arrival in Cagliari, the thing that impressed me the most about this team is the unity and cohesion of the group: those who go on the field do it for those who, at that moment, are left out of the starting lineup. And those who don’t start know they have to be ready, as their contribution can be crucial. Everyone feels involved.”

“My experiences outside Italy have been very useful: they represented opportunities for growth and understanding of other leagues and cultures. Every league and every club has its peculiarities, especially in how they approach the week and football in general. There’s no right or wrong, and it’s up to us to put together all the positive aspects, enriching ourselves both as individuals and as athletes.”

“Coach Ranieri is a person with infinite experience; he prepares the matches meticulously, reads the games well, and, if necessary, can always change things on the fly and provide real-time solutions that turn out to be winners. This is a very important quality because often, as players on the field, we don’t realize certain game situations that can be improved during the match.”

“Handling the weight of the spotlight, especially when you’re very young, can be challenging. With maturity and the various experiences you gain, you get used to it. Fortunately, my family has always been close to me, in every moment of my life. Having someone close who cares about you is crucial to give you the right balance.”

“The one against Sassuolo, on Mateus Henrique’s header, was one of the most beautiful saves of this year. I was one-on-one with the opponent, had to close the goal frame. Fortunately, it went well both for the save and, above all, because we managed to come back and win the game. Saves are important only if they bring points to the team. The most beautiful save will be the one that keeps Cagliari in Serie A.”

“There are many teams involved in the survival battle; every week, you can take a step forward, and the next, three steps back. We need to maintain focus on the ultimate goal and think game by game. Certainly, we need to improve: however, I remember that at the beginning of the year, everyone considered us doomed; now we have shown that we can compete with everyone. It requires awareness, determination, and humility.”

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