The second Ranieri era comes to an end

First Team - 23/05/2024

The second Ranieri era at Cagliari ended on Thursday, May 23. The coach bids farewell to Sardinia with the salvation won together with his boys, with a day in advance last Sunday in Reggio Emilia. Today the final catwalk, for the record bitter defeat 2-3 at home against Fiorentina, at the end of a well-played match: comeback (Bonaventura’s goal for the Viola) signed by Deiola and Kingstone, then in closing Nico Gonzalez and Arthur (penalty against Aresti, just entered) overturn the result.

Ranieri picks Scuffet from the start, defense with Zappa, Mina, Obert and Augello, in the middle Deiola and Prati, Nandez, Viola and Luvumbo support Lapadula. Only the injured Makoumbou and Jankto are out, plus the disqualified Dossena.

In the first half Cagliari stung with Viola (high shot), then Belotti’s header engaged Scuffet, who was very good at flying in at the far post. Deiola (high header) and Luvumbo (shot parried by Terracciano coming out after Viola’s crazy assist) squandered, then Deiola again found Terracciano’s miracle. In the 39th minute, Fiorentina took the lead with a masterful shot by Viola, who with his left hand pierced the crossbar. The resumption begins with Cagliari always battling: in the 59th minute Deiola’s header is still dangerous, then Zappa goes close to scoring, and in the 64th minute Deiola inserts himself like a champion and scores the equalizer. The dedication is special: everyone’s hug for coach Ranieri on the sidelines. In the 85th minute, the apotheosis is by Kingstone Mutandwa, who centralizes from the left, strong shot hits the far post, beautiful goal and 2-1 Rossoblù. But the joy is short-lived: Gonzalez in the 89th minute and Arthur on a penalty kick (Di Pardo’s foul on Beltran assessed by VAR) at the last second fix the purple 3-2.

After the match lap of the field and “pasillo de honor” for coach Claudio Ranieri, who bids farewell to Cagliari and his experiences at Club level. The team, after the tour of the field and the stadium’s embrace with dedication to Gigi Riva, lined up together with the entire technical and medical staff, along with the management, to welcome Claudio Ranieri. It is captain Leonardo Pavoletti who takes the floor: “Thank you for being here again, on this not at all obvious evening, after a difficult and suffered year. This evening is important because we have to introduce a great man. I just want to say thank you to all of you because you have shown in the difficult moments that Cagliari comes first and we have always carried this thing in us and always put our heart and sweat into it. Which is what you have always asked of us. You pushed us and blew us toward salvation. Then I want to say thank you to everyone who works in Cagliari, without them we would never have been able to achieve the goal. But now it is right to celebrate our leader, our commander: Claudio Ranieri.”

After the commemorative video of the coach, it was President Tommaso Giulini who paid tribute to Ranieri: “I don’t want to talk about what the coach did in Cagliari. You all know that. I would like to focus on what he leaves us: grace, loyalty, determination and courage, the most beautiful values of sport. Thank you Claudio!”

So microphone to the coach: “Thank you for everything you have given me and are giving me, for what you have always given me over the years. You have saved this team, this feat we did together. Only with our people could we go up to Serie A right away and then save ourselves in this very painful and difficult year. I have to say ‘bravo’ to all Sardinians. I want to tell you one important thing: even without me you must always be close to the team. The boys may make mistakes but if you are behind them, rest assured that they will never give up. This locker room is always thinking about the Island and the current difficulties in Sardinia. To all the sacrifices made to go away and follow Cagliari. And I assure you that this is the best boost a fan can give to his colors. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I cannot do it enough.”

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