PRESS ROOM | Ranieri’s words

First Team - 25/02/2024

Thus coach Claudio Ranieri after the 1-1 draw at the Unipol Domus thanks to goals from Osimhen and Luvumbo.

It was a very difficult match, which the boys interpreted well, it would have been a pity not to score, we paid for a defensive carelessness and it was good for us that Napoli did not close it in the final. We didn’t deserve to lose it, I am proud of the boys, because in front of us were the Italian champions with great quality. In the first half we were able to give great intensity, in the second half we paid a little, but then the great heart of this team, the strength of the stadium and its people, allowed us to get a deserved result”.

Pavoletti suffered a sprain and we will evaluate him, Jankto came out after a few bumps and had to apply ice to his knee. Luvumbo? I pamper him, like everyone else, he did well and scored a heavy goal, but above all he sacrificed so much by helping as if he were a midfielder, working on what had not worked in Udine. Augello played perhaps his best game since he’s been at Cagliari, unfortunately we were not good on the occasion of a lateral foul taken short instead of long as I always ask and as we had done throughout the first half in the correct way. Nandez? I chose him in marking Kvaratskhelia, he was the only one who could keep up with the pace of their most talented man. Gaetano? There can be a bit of emotion, but we have not been able to find it consistently between the lines, we have many solutions and alternatives, now we have also found Oristanio who is an important element, so we continue with confidence”.

“We have to prove to ourselves that we want to save ourselves, we owe it to our people, who believe in us so much and push us with incredible passion. Now we go to Empoli, against a team that is doing something wonderful, congratulations to them and to us the task of continuing to fight, giving further strength to the performance and to today’s point. A very important phase of the season begins, we must have the awareness in our means, in the ability to put on the field the spirit we need to save ourselves all together”.

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