Towards Udinese-Cagliari, Ranieri speaks

First Team - 18/02/2024

This is how Claudio Ranieri introduces the Udine match, scheduled for Sunday at 15:00.

“I spoke to the team and told them that they needed an electric shock, and that I would resign if they deemed it necessary. The boys told me that it wouldn’t have been right, that we all fought together to go up to Serie A and that we must do the same to keep the category. So let’s go ahead, let’s work together, united to complete a difficult but not impossible mission. The lads have already chosen to go into training camp today, after the afternoon training session they will stay here and tomorrow we will go to Udine”.

“It will be a very difficult match, we go to Udine with the awareness that we have to give a great performance. We know how much Udinese are worth but also how much we are worth, we’ll try to get a positive result, we find an opponent euphoric after the victory in Turin, their physical strength and ability to play vertically are important elements. Udinese are the third for shots on goal from the edge of the penalty area, they are healthy and we will need to give them a good performance”.

“We are among the teams that shoot the most on goal in the league, but we have often misfired. I often change the systems of the game, it has nothing to do with whether or not I can manage a game and whether or not I have an offensive mentality, the boys always try to give their best, sometimes they have too much love for this team and get unbalanced, and in Serie A you are punished at the first mistake, something you might have allowed yourself last season.

“Gaetano has fitted in perfectly with us, he has good speed and is quick with his head, against Lazio he scored a wonderful goal. Luvumbo can give us imagination, unpredictability and speed, he is one of our weapons. Oristano is slowly recovering, we’re trying to get him back to his pre-injury condition, day after day he’ll work harder to be available again. Prati? A slight drop, as he’s very young and at his debut in Serie A, it can happen, but his value is unquestionable. Sulemana got injured when he was in top condition, I’m waiting for him with open arms after his injury.

“Few coaches have had the support from their players as I have had since last Saturday but also before, since I arrived. After the game against Lazio I was really down in the dumps, but the fact that they told me that we have to fight together to the end makes me think that we really have to do it, against everything and everyone, also thanks to the support of our people who never abandon us.

‘The fans are above everything, the team knows that it always has the passion of its people behind it and it must fight for it. Determination and determination to the end. Then we will see the results and where we have arrived. The trust of the people gives me additional pride and charge’.

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